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Getting your pictures taken is a fun experience! Here's the process so you know what to expect:

Step 1: If you like my style of work and want to book a session, contact me through the contact tab or call me at 607-368-6245 to get pricing information, discuss what type of photos you would like, and to schedule a session! Time of day is one of the most critical elements in getting good quality photos. I prefer to schedule outdoor sessions in the evening (Sunday-Saturday) when the light is the most flattering and newborns are usually scheduled for weekend mornings. 


Step 2: Pick out what you're going to wear and if you want to bring any props to the session. Some general rules for picking what to wear are: avoid big logos, distracting patterns, and high waisted jeans, and anything that shows bra straps.

High school seniors can bring 3-5 outfit changes; this can include your sports jersey, a casual outfit, 

For newborns, I have everything here at the studio and you can just bring your baby, a snack and drink for yourself, diapers, and a way to feed baby if you're not breastfeeding. For family sessions, it is helpful to bring the following: 

-Non transition glasses

-Fruit snacks, cereal, treats, or a snack and drink for kids (3 and younger) I can't tell you how many sessions a simple snack has saved!

-Outfit changes for babies who may spit up on their clothes. If your kids get carsick easily, you can wait and dress them when you get to the session.

-A hairbrush

-A book for kids to look at if we need something to keep them from running all over :) 

Step 3: The session!

I will take both candid and posed photos and any combination that you want (full family, parents together, kids together, kids individually, mom with the girls, dad with the boys, etc.)