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In 2016, we built a brand new 1,300 square foot studio on an eight acre field with a beautiful overlook! This is a very unique building because what most clients assume must be my home due to the size, is actually only used for my business. When we were designing the building, we had a few thoughts in mind. We wanted to make sure that space would never be an issue and be able to accommodate large families and groups. We also wanted it to feel very spacious, inviting, and most important, comfortable. When it comes to the variety in props and backdrops, the options are endless! I am a firm believer in reinvesting in my business and I purchase new backgrounds and props several times a year. This ensures that each client has a unique session. Speaking of all those props, there is a separate room with floor to ceiling shelves that hold all of my baskets, blankets, chairs, couches, stools, and much more. Having this separate room was extremely important to us because it helps minimize the distraction for young kids. In my old studio, I wasn't fortunate enough to have this separate prop room and all of my props were stored in the same room I photographed in. For a young kid, it was probably like walking into a toy store! With the new studio, it is intentionally left very minimal and besides a few background stands and a place to sit, I try to keep the room completely clear. This way, I can bring out one prop at a time and get the child's focus and attention! A few of the other features that we absolutely love are the large windows that allow for natural light photography, perfect for pictures of mothers with their new babies! We also love the two different hardwood floors in the main studio. Since the floors are in a lot of the pictures, this provides two different options, light and dark! Keeping the fact that I photograph kids in the studio during the colder months, we decided to put radiant heat in the floors so they would be warmer and more comfortable (especially if they want some barefoot shots!). And last but not least, there is a private location for nursing mothers with a big comfy chair and foot rest and a ceiling fan because I know how warm the studio is during the newborn sessions! These are some of my favorite features but please, come check it out for yourself!