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Q: Where do you take pictures?

A: I take pictures outside or in the studio. There are many different locations outside the studio or a short driving distance away. Some of the locations that I have access to include fields, the river, ponds, dirt roads, brick walls, barns, and more! I can also come to you if you want pictures taken at your home.  


Q: Do you offer wedding photography?

A: Sort of. As much as I would love to photograph your special day, my kids are still young and need me, making it difficult to be gone all day. However, I am open to photographing short weddings!! 


 Q: How long does a session last?
A: Most sessions last about two hours because we will go to so many different locations.

Q: What is a mini session? And how is it different from a regular session?

A: A mini session is a shorter version of a regular session with discounted prices. They usually have a particular theme including Christmas, Fall, Easter, Mommy & Me, etc. They are offered at different times of the year.


Q: Do you provide props?

A: Yes! My prop room is like walking down an isle of Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Target! You are more than welcome to bring along your own props, too.


Q: Do you touch up the pictures?
A: Yes, in fact every picture that you order will be professionally retouched! This includes removing acne, blemishes, smoothing skin and lightening under the eyes.

Q: Can I bring my dog or other pets?

A: Yes, definitely! It's a good idea to bring a friend or family member who can help keep the pets under control while we are doing pictures without the pet.


Q: Are you handicap accessable?

A: The studio is very handicap accessable and if you'd like outdoor pictures, we can go to certain locations that are also accessable.


Q: What should we wear?

A: For family, groups, and couples, I recommend everyone's outfits to compliment each other instead of matching exactly. This allows for each individual's personality to be shown. I suggest choosing two colors that go together, for example blue and gray. Have everyone wear something that is either blue or gray. An example for a family of four: Dad wears jeans with a gray polo, mom wears a blue top layered with a white tank top underneath or a gray cardigan overtop and jeans, son wears blue and gray plaid with jeans, and daughter wears a blue dress. (White and black layers can be added in without counting as the two colors).

Newborns generally are photographed in just a diaper or wrapped in a blanket. I am very careful and protect their modesty but like to avoid bulky newborn clothes that just seem to swallow up the baby.

Feel free to bring three or four outfit changes for your senior portrait session!

General rules to keep in mind when choosing outfits:
-Avoid distracting patterns or logos.

-On a bright day, white clothing doesn't photograph very well.

-Limit outfits with patterns (for example plaid or stripes) to one to two people as long as the pattern is the same. The rest of the group should wear either solids or something with a super minimal pattern.

-Accessories such as jewelry or scarves photograph very nicely.

-Layers look great!


Q: What are your hours?

A: My scheudule varies day to day. I am usually available around client's work schedules which also includes during the evening and on the weekends. I am very flexible!


Q: How far in advance should I schedule a newborn session?

A: The best time for newborns to be photographed is in the first ten days after they are born. If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, please contact me at least a few weeks before your due date. I will take note of your due date and make sure I have a time available. Babies are rarely born on their expected due date, so as long as I have a general time frame I will make accommodations.


Q: What are your prices?

A: Since every client's wants and needs are different, please contact me for a quote.


Q: What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

A: I will wait until about an hour before the session and decide if we should reschedule.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept and do you offer payment plans?

A: I can accept cash or checks. I offer payment plans so your total is never all due at once.

Q: How soon do we get to see the pictures?

A: After the session, we will schedule a time for later in the week that is convenient for you to come back and look at the pictures.


Q: Do you offer gift cards?

A: Gift certificates are available upon request and are a great gift for a baby shower, Christmas, Mother/Father's Day, and birthdays!


For any other questions you may have, feel free to call or email me! See the contact tab.